What is Multi Clipping Path?

Multi Clipping Path is the more updated version of basic clipping path for those images that need isolation of specific parts. Where the basic Clipping Path is for removal of photo background using a single layer but, with Multiple Clipping Path services, you can authenticate the count of levels in any Photoshop application. It is an essential tool for GIF & Flash blended animation, brochures, e-commerce websites etc. You can have multiple clipping paths for the same layer but one path affects the layer unless you apply a layer mask but it is a very complicated process. Conversely, you can make your own selection by clicking on a new layer and then select create work path and fill each of the path on a new layer or, you can just apply a clipping path to each layer.

There are three types of multi path available, one is for color separation, second is for object and the last one is for vector path. In Clipping Path Source, we are very much committed to give you the best multi clipping path services at the lowest market price. Our highly skilled design editors has years of experience in the entire available varieties multi-path. We assure you value, credibility and ultimate work satisfaction.