What is Image Editing?

Nowadays Image editing has become one of the major character of modern photography. It is the key part of digital photography. Photo editing can be divided into two parts, one is Pixel editing and another is Parametric Image Editing. Pixel editing works at the pixel level and alters the original photo on the contrary; Parametric Image Editing works without changing the original image figures.

In general, image editing refers to the processes of changing images or, to modifying them to enhance the beautification. Traditional photo editing is known as photo retouching, editing illustrations with any graphic software programs etc. This software’s are very essential for photo manipulation, photo enhancement and transformation.

In Clipping Path Source (CPS), we offer both pixel and parametric image editing. Our popular editing service include – photo alteration, manipulation, cropping, masking and many more. We use a marquee tool for photo part selection, lasso tool for freehand selection and pen tool for advanced cropping. In CPS we use analog layers create a transparent coating stacked on top of each photo. Our service is for everyone, from single user to business professionals. We work for value and satisfaction. If you are looking for specialized editing service, we are the best possible choice for you.