What is Image Shading?

Image Shading gives an immense depth to photos. It makes them look alive. It is true that lights and camera quality influence photography shade to a large degree. In Clipping Path Source (CPS), we use a range of the latest image shading tools to give your pictures a magical aura. For instance – Photoshop smudge tool is very essential for creating a blended effect on any photo. Dodge tools give additional contrast for adjusting minor details such as skin blemishes. We do image shading to change proportions and fill life into them.

In CPS, we add special image shading effects such as, light reflection at a specific angle, including a natural shadow or even a drop shadow. We enhance the photo balance, stroke and sharpness. At CPS we provide you the smoothest image shading results to give you a well-adjusted and bright looking image experience. Our Graphic team does wonders with image shading. They are exceptionally creative in terms of designing sense. They create a silky and smooth photo shading effect as per your requirement. Beside, Image shading we offer services that covers every aspect of photo editing such as – clipping path, image retouching, photo enhancement, image stitching, raster to vector and many more. For further information, simply drop an email to us. Our customer support is available 24X7.