What is Clipping Path?

Since, Clipping Path is a closed vector path/shape, used to clip out any particular part of the image. It allows highlighting on any specific part of a photograph; as a result, it is a vital tool for website designing, magazine agency, print media and many more. Adobe Photoshop, Indesign are some of the popular software that supports this application. For example, you have a photograph with background color blue and need to be used in the front page of the magazine. You must eradicate the background of that particular photo since your magazine theme color is yellow and have some other relevant design. To do this, at first, you will need to create a path/border line around the image and then convert it into a clipping path. Afterward, when you will use it in Illustrator, Dreamweaver or any other program, the photo background will disappear; it will only prove the image, which was inside the created line.

One can do this application by himself or, may take help from any renowned outsourcing agency. Because, it is a time consuming job and takes highest level of skills to get the desired perfection, so it is better to sign up with an expert outsourcing firm who specializes in this area to get the job done.