What is Raster to Vector Image?

The term raster image refers to a photo that is made up from pixels. Each raster image has a special color. They all are perfectly arranged to demonstrate any image. On the contrary, a vector image is prepared from paths it tells that how the path will be shaped and what color to be filled by. Easter image pixels do not preserve their formation as the size increases it’s mathematical formulas identifies how the image is cause to be. It is capable of displaying many of colors from single image and allows further color editing. It also displays finer shades in light and at the right color resolution. Vector images can be formed to any shape so that, once it is designed it can be resized countless times for any size from brochure to billboard.

However, a raster images cannot be made larger without giving up the quality even it cannot exhibit the usual quality of photographs. Photoshop is known as raster editing program whereas Adobe Illustrator is for vector path drawing program. In Clipping Path Source, we know exactly when and where to use both the vector or, raster image path. We understand that if a photo has multiple colors it must be edited with raster image. Our service is the ultimate solution for your business, work with us and enjoy the difference.