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Photoshop Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Service

Clipping paths is the outline created to use the pen tool in the image editing software removing an image from it is background. In a general the involved parts of a photo is adjusted by utilizing clipping path, thus the inside division of that business is integrated and the break of the parts is disqualified from the concluding image. We can too use the clipping path having a special figure to a physical object, to editing a detail part within a photo or to prepare a layout pattern as the demands of our customers. AES is a true clipping path services allowing company which are regarded as to allow at the most affordable prices and superiority works within time business and at the most affordable costs. Anybody can use it because professionally or personally. Currently, graphic design, digital photographers, photo industries, and advertising agencies, web design houses, catalog companies and printing companies are for the most part to use the clipping path services.

Why Clipping path is more preferable:

  • Clipping path is the greatest system that can contender the quality attained by image handling services furnished manually by an expert operator.
  • It is the extra professional way than some other systems.
  • It allows a sharp, fixed edge service.
  • Clipping path is the greatest system that can contender the quality attained by image handling services furnished manually by an expert operator.
  • It is simple working or edit at every time by a like pen tool.
  • Clipping path may be utilized to almost every kind of folder format admitting JPG, so the file may be placed instantly into a layout to use InDesign.


Clipping Path Source (CPS) Clipping Path Service Details:

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  • Assured security of the images of client.
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How can we draw path

Let's see..



After opening the Photoshop Software, in the tool box you will find a tool on left named pen tool.

pen tool in photoshop

Open the picture from your desktop with which you want to practice making clipping path for the first time. (shortcut on keyboard: Ctrl or Cmd + “P”) (Picture shown on the right)



Then click on the edge of the image with the right button of the mouse, then release the button, again click on the right button at a certain distance of the edge from the first anchor. This time you have to hold and drag your mouse pointer. Once you find the outline exact on the edge you wanted to cut out, and then release the right button again. Continue doing this again and again until you reach the point from where you started you path. Then click on that anchor and complete the path. In this process you are done with only the outline path.




After that you have to find out the gaps very carefully and draw path within the image. Draw clipping path like the way you have done in 2nd step. Find each and every gap lying on the image and draw clipping path on the gap. Continue making clipping on every gap.


At the end of this process you are now done clipping path to remove the background from the required product.



Let’s see how to apply clipping path to any image:

Once you finish drawing clipping path all around the image, the next you need to apply clipping path on the image to get the background removed from the wanted product/image/object.

To apply clipping path, got the “Window” option located top of the page and there you will find a option named “Paths”. Select this and you will find the path you just created at the edge of the product. There you will find the path named as “Work Path”. Click on “Work Path” and give it a new name. In this step your clipping path will be saved. The image is shown below.




  • In this step you are going to remove the background. To do so, bring the “Paths” and “Layer” palette from the “Window” menu.
  • Select the path pressing and holding the Control key, then click on the path lying on the palette.
  • Come back to the “Layer” palette then press and hold the Command/Control key + “J” key on your keyboard. In this way you will find a new layer bearing the object you needed.
  • Turn the background layer off and find the main image with transparent background. Like the image is shown below.