Make payment

Dear Customers,
Clipping Path Source (CPS) never asks for First Payment or to make any kinds of account to get service.
The only thing is that the customer has to fill a very easy type of form including the Company Name, Full Company Address, Contact Name, Contact Number & so forth. Afterwards a bulk of tasks are done (particularly for customers who transfer files recurrently), an E-Mail-Invoice consisting all necessary data for making payments would be transfer to the customer (usually after 30 days specifically for steady bulk order clients).
Then the customer can pay by using PayPal or using a Bank Account or a Credit Card with some easy clicks over the Payment Page.
Any questions, please contact at
Kind Regards,
Tamjid Arafin
Chief Executive Officer
Make the payment using your Paypal or any other major credit/debit card. You will be redirected to the secure Paypal account after you click on the link.