Color correction services

Achieve realistic and accurate colors in any desired hue, without incurring extra costs or experiencing delays from the need for additional product photographs.

Crucial color edits for products can be a time-consuming workflow bottleneck.

By capturing a single product photo and using photo editing software to modify its color, you can maximize your photography investment and repurpose images across multiple marketing channels. Nevertheless, managing the workload of multiple variants for hundreds of products can rapidly become a significant drain on your resources, leaving little time for business growth and creative pursuits, especially during critical periods like product launches and promotions.

The color change service provided by Clipping Path Source involves using advanced image editing software and techniques to adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of specific parts of an image. The company's team of skilled graphic designers and editors can work with a wide range of image formats, including JPEG, PNG, PSD, and TIFF.

Trust the pros at Clipping Path Source for your color correction/fixing projects.

Outsourcing your product color corrections to our team of experts at a nominal fee of just 99 cents per image can help you obtain quick and cost-effective color change services, with finished edits delivered in as little as 6 hours. Whether you have a shortage of physical variants to shoot, limited photos from suppliers, or simply lack the time to handle it all, we can showcase your product in every color with our expert color changing services. Our team meticulously modifies each product's color by hand, ensuring that your products appear vivid, precise, and lifelike.


Mastering the Art of Image color changes: Our Top Projects

Color changing services in Photoshop refer to the process of altering the color of an object, image, or a particular area in a photograph using various Photoshop tools and techniques. It can be used to enhance the overall color scheme of an image, adjust the hue and saturation of specific colors, or change the color of an object or background entirely.

Color changes

Why do e-commerce entrepreneurs and photographers outsource their color-changing projects to Clipping Path Source?

Don't waste your valuable talent and creative energy on color correction and creating image variants in Photoshop for hours. Instead, focus on doing what you love, and leave the image editing work to our team of experts.


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