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Outsource your images to remove the mannequin and make the product photo look more appealing.

Ghost Mannequin Service | Clipping Path Source

Image manipulation/neck joint service or ghost mannequin service is called the method of altering a genuine photo to create a performance or idea of our mind’s eye in photographs. It turns out by adding more interest, editing colors, using other proportions, or removing the bad collecting elements improves the price of the images.

Why Clipping Path Source?


Our price is affordable. We have lots of top notch Photoshop Professionals to deliver the images with the highest possible quality. So how much images you may have is nothing matter to us.


We are very conscious of your valuable time. We help our customers to meet their tight deadlines and keep the flow of their business seamlessly.


We do maintain the high quality and clean clipping path for each and every image otherwise it may results in down your reputation and business brand.

Our perfect neck joint services

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Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services | Clipping Path Source


Make the apparel and clothes look cleaner and appealing to generate more sales. Leave the headache to us and have some time to fall in love with your work.


Basically, mannequins are used instead of a real human figure to represent a cloth or apparel how it might look like if a buyer use or wear it. Nowadays, the mannequin is being used in many eCommerce sites, catalogs to make the 3D effect of various clothes (swimsuits, lingerie, cardigan, shirt, pant, jackets) with a mannequin instead of a human figure. The transparent mannequin is also used as the mannequin. But, to make the clothes more appealing attractive to the buyers you need to remove the background of the clothes along with the mannequin doll. In that case, you have to have the back part of the cloth and we will help you add this part after removing the doll seen through the cloth with a real depth, shadow around that back part so that it doesn’t look like it has been photoshopped or edited. It is quite time-consuming to make the perfect output. So, we encourage the photographers to leave it to the experts like us to save valuable time to fall in love with your work again-, and have some time to think of something big regarding your business.

To create a 3D effect of any cloth, you have to shoot the cloth from surrounding angels and also you have to shoot the inner parts, sleeves, bottom, neck, etc. individually and send them to us to get them edited perfectly. We will remove the mannequin and stitch all the parts very precisely you have taken separately to the cloth, we can also manage to provide you the final output without all those parts. Sometimes, in addition to the mannequin removal service, we need to retouch the cloths removing the wrinkles, unwanted spots, dumps, or dust. And also, sometimes it might need to reshape the clothes and straighten them without the customer’s instruction.

Clipping Path Source (CPS) Ghost Mannequin Service/Neck joint Service Details:

  • Remove mannequin.
  • Remove bad wrinkles.
  • Resize or reshape the clothes.
  • Add the back part using the photoshop software very precisely.
  • Make the 3D modeling.
  • We make the product looks more appealing and attractive.
  • Also can get rid of perfectly every sort of disturbing spot or object.
  • The last word is that the just edging is your mind’s eye to how you need to look at your photo and the higher quality guarantee is ours.

Who Usually Takes This Service?

  1. E-commerce websites
  2. Annual Reports
  3. Printing
  4. Ad Agencies
  5. Magazines
  6. Other different websites use this service.

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