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We serve our clients with professional Photoshop, retouching and clipping path photo-editing services.

Clipping Path Source | Clipping Path ServiceJewellery Photo Retouching | removing background from Jewellery Product photo | Clipping Path Source

Clipping path

In photoshop, Clipping Path is a tool used to create an outline around an image/product to remove it from its background. More>>

Price starts at $0.25/image.

Image shading services | Clipping Path Source

Image Shading

Photo Shading provides a snap of vast intensity. Picture shades teach a dimension to level images that take them. More>>

Price starts at $0.25/image.

Photoshop Retouching service, hing end retouching images | We have been providing all kind of beauty retouching services since 12 years. | Clipping Path Source

Photo Retouching

Image retouching is a way to make any image look enhanced and attractive using photoshop airbrushing, retouching More>>


Price starts at $0.49/image.

Photoshop Hair Masking service. Remove the background or any object from the hairy object. Our basic price starts at $0.39 per image. Please visit our website to get more about us.

Hair masking

Removing background from an object using a clipping path may often not create a precise result if it contains any fuzzy. More>>

Price starts at $0.35/image.

Vector conversion, Raster to vector conversion editing service | Clipping Path Source

Raster to vector

If you feel like collecting your digital pictures into any graph you favor. The way in which means you protect your minutes. More >>

Price starts at $2.99/image.

Clipping Path Source | Panaromic-Photo-Stitching_1

Photo stitching

At first, think that you have a number of images. You want to partly cover up these images to obtain one vast united image More>>

Price starts at $1.25/image.

Photoshop Color Correction Service | Clipping Path Source. Our normal price starts at $0.39 each image. We do provide the best possible quality and turnaround by our expert hands. Please visit our website to get more about us.

Color Correction Service

Our high professionals, skilled and dedicated specialists always use the most recent/latest photo enhancement methods/techniques to provide the most precise photo enhancement works. Our scheme is to involve the original. More>>

Price starts at $0.25/image.

Ghost mannequin service | We can handle any kind of ghost mannequin editing very precisely and within the shortest possible time. | Clipping Path Source

Neck joint service

Image manipulation/neck joint service or ghost mannequin service is called the method of altering a genuine photo to create performance or idea of our mind’s eye in photographs. It turns out to add more interest, edit colors. More>>

Price starts at $0.25/image.

Photoshop Retouching | Glamour retouching service | Image retouching service | Clipping Path Source

Photo enhancement

Clipping Path Source (CPS) is a professional outsourcing company that provides a premium class of highly Photo Enhancement services. More>>

Price starts at $0.25/image.


Our price is affordable. We have lots of top notch Photoshop Professionals to deliver the images with the highest possible quality. So how much images you may have is nothing matter to us.


We are very conscious of your valuable time. We help our customers to meet their tight deadlines and keep the flow of their business seamlessly.


We do maintain the high quality and clean clipping path for each and every image otherwise it may results in down your reputation and business brand.

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