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Remove background from any hairy objects or any difficult borders.

Hair masking service | Removing background from hair. | Clipping Path Source

Removing background from an object using clipping path may often cannot create precise result if it contains any fuzzy, blurred edges. In this case our preferred accomplishment is to use the advanced photo masking service instead.Our aim is to create precise and satisfied result on every single image you send. So, we don’t use clipping path tool to remove the background if it requires the masking too only to deliver the images with your full satisfaction.

Why Clipping Path Source?


Our price is affordable. We have lots of top notch Photoshop Professionals to deliver the images with the highest possible quality. So how much images you may have is nothing matter to us.


We are very conscious of your valuable time. We help our customers to meet their tight deadlines and keep the flow of their business seamlessly.


We do maintain the high quality and clean clipping path for each and every image otherwise it may results in down your reputation and business brand.

Our Perfect Masking Work

How it works

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Moving forward

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Done images

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When to use the masking tool in Photoshop

Image which contains hair

Image which contains blurry edges

Transparent objects

When not to use masking tool in Photoshop

  • Sometimes it gets difficult to differentiate the object color from the background color. In this case we must use clipping path tool instead.
  • Image containing sharp edg

How we do remove background from the complex one

Depending, observing the object and its background it needs a different treatment to get a satisfactory result. Our professionals use the Background Eraser Tool in this matter, but it is not enough yet. Our Photoshop experts implement many other techniques and experiences to come up with the most precise result removing the last unwanted bits here and there using the Channel Mask Tool in Photoshop. They also sharpen and make the edges smooth so that it looks consistently professional without losing any details from the object/background.

The treatment we use with the image that has both fuzzy and sharp edge

Images containing hair or fuzzy edges might also have areas with sharp edges. For example, a model with a full-body might have fuzzy edges around his/her hair but the other part of his/her body may have sharp edges. In this case, to achieve the most precise result we usually draw paths on the sharp edges and also around the fuzzy edges, and then we use the advanced photo masking techniques on the fuzzy areas.

Other considerations

Doing masking in Photoshop requires both skills and focus on details on the object and this is also very labor-intensive, but to acquire the best result requires certain efforts. Nowadays most companies are turning to Clipping Path Source, as they get their own graphic design studios at their home. Clipping Path Source has been providing all kinds of image masking services for many years and has been delivering the best result to customers throughout the world. So you can count on us in this matter undoubtedly.

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