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Nikon D780 Best DSLR overall: Nikon D780 Why should you buy this camera: This camera can handle almost everything you need. Who can use this camera: Those who want to use a camera for multiple purposes. Why we have picked the Nikon D780: The Nikon D780 is not only a DSLR, it is also the
How to use pen tool in photoshop | Clipping Path Source
PHOTOSHOP PEN TOOL When the editor works in making the selection in Photoshop, there are two different methods that the editor applies and those are using the pen tool and the other one is following the long process. In this article, the viewers will get vast knowledge on how to use the Photoshop pen tool.
Nowadays, digital technology has become the part and parcel of life. Without digital technology, it will become very difficult to survive. In this modern era, everyone is using laptops, tablets, etc. Especially people are giving much importance to smartphones. So, in this article, we are going to cover up some of the ideas regarding how
Drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow services
A mirror image is any kind of object reflection or material’s duplication appearing system. We can treat the reflection as a mirror image when the image of something appears in a mirror. From the concept of mirror image, a lot of new formulas and processes have been invented by the computer programmer, and it is