Compared to the quality we maintain, the relationship between our respectable clients and us are usually permanent, we have respect for each other. Price will certainly vary due to the complexity of the image and the time required. Price may go up 1.5 times than the original price, if our client requests an urgent order, like if they need it less than 6 hours. More than 6 hours is considered normal timing. Due to the fact we have to stop our running works to start the urgent order which will hamper the flow of our production capacity. Clipping Path Source is mostly concerned about their quality because quality makes our business more stable and strong bondage between us and our clients. A lower price with low quality damages the relationship permanently, which we never maintain.
Our team is very well trained to do manual clipping path since the rest of the services depends on the quality of clipping, that’s why we are so concerned about the quality of our manual/handmade clipping. We never use a magic tool or any other automatic tool to produce clipping paths.

Our pricing details

For custom price, please request for a quotation

Clipping Path Service

$0.39per image
  • Basic paths - $ 0.39
  • Simple paths - $ 0.99
  • Complex paths - $ 6.99

Color Correction Service

$0.49per image
  • Color correction - $ 0.49
  • Exposure correction - $ 0.49
  • Color conversion - $ 7.00

Photo Retouching Service

$0.49per image
  • Object removing - $ 0.49
  • Basic retouch - 2.15
  • Glamour retouch - 6.99

Vector drawing Service

$2.99per image
  • Raster to vector - $ 2.99
  • Logo design - $ 24.99
  • Vector line drqwing - $ 4.5

Ghost Mannequin Remove

$0.39per image
  • Neck joint - $ 0.49
  • Remove mannequin - $ 1.49
  • 3D ghost mannequin - $ 1.75

Image masking Service

$0.50per image
  • Hair masking - $ 0.50
  • Layer masking - $ 0.50
  • Alpha masking - $ 0.50

Shadow Service

$0.39per image
  • Drop shadow - $ 0.39
  • Natural shadow - $ 0.49
  • Refelction shadow - $ 0.49

Pen Tablet (Wacom) related service

$2.15per image
  • Color seperation - $ 2.15
  • Non-destuctive retouching - $ 4.50
  • High-end retouching - $ 8.00

Photo restoration service

$2.15per image
  • Photo color restoration - $ 2.15
  • Damaged photo restoration - $ 20.00
  • Black white restoration - $ 20.00

Fast and secure checkout!

We accept most major credit cards and PayPal. We will take your payment details at the first payment attempt.

Easier ways to go for a Price Quotation

You may go to the free trial and fill-up the form and add a couple of images, which is free of charge and also make the registration to provide us all the information which we may need for billing purposes or to identify the time zone to make the delivery in their convenient time. Free Trial

Cost for our other image editing services

like clipping path service, photo masking, image manipulation, photo retouching, stitching services also depends on their complexity level and time factor. You may request us for the price quotation with samples, where we can understand the level of complexity. Most of the time we request our clients to make an offer to find out whether the clients are asking for high-quality service or, low prices with low-quality service. The problem with those low priced clients are, we can’t lower our quality for them, we don’t have any system to lower our quality.
We are happier with the clients, those who care mostly concerned about high quality. Price is a very important factor in both ways, lower prices usually put pressure on the image editors to hire low-quality cheap people, which we can never do and never will.

Production mistakes

Which will be resolved at the shortest possible time without putting our client through any hassle.
Most of our clients are so nice, kind and supportive, and very demanding also, we can’t make any mistake unnoticed. It’s so much pleasure working with them, they pay us well, we learn a lot from them, and that’s how our quality is getting better every day.
Please don’t make any payment as an advance to us or anywhere else. We will make the delivery to your satisfaction and then we will send an invoice with an auto-generated link. You can pay using your Paypal or any other major credit/debit card.

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