Frequently asked questions

Here is given some of the commonly asked questions.

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Sure, why not ?. Some clients don’t feel comfortable to make the payment Weekly or Monthly, they like to make the payment after every job is delivered to their satisfaction, because they feel its difficult to them to keep track of all the images we have done for the whole month.

Some clients appreciate Weekly or Monthly payment, because they don’t have problem to keep track of statements.

Apply for the monthly billing account

Our customers are very satisfied with this term. We never ask our client to pay first. They pay us willingly after the job is delivered with the satisfied quality. Even, sometimes they like to pay us more.

It’s very easy task. To place an order the steps bellow you must have to follow:

  1. Please make a registration in our website.
  2. If you are already registered, you must have to login first.
  3. After that you will be redirected to our Customer Dashboard area named "My Account" page.
  4. To place an order go to the menu named "Submit New Order"
  5. Select any of the services and follow the steps.
  6. After submitting an order get relaxed and after the completion of the order(s) you will get notified via email and you will get an auto generated invoice at your "My Account" dashboard.

In Bangladesh we have a institute named Graphic Arts Institute, where thousand of students are graduating every year. Their graduating with basic knowledge on image editing services. We train them up and make specialist. That’s why we are getting low salary, highly skilled professionals in this field. So we can provide image editing jobs with low cost and high quality.

We advise our client not to offer us any payment in advance. We ask them to pay us after the job is delivered to their satisfaction. If they are not satisfied for any reasons, which happens once in a while and we fix them instantly. Until their satisfied, we have no reason to get paid.

Our highly skilled team are working 3 shift to cover 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is ensuring any countries in the World, and we usually keep more than enough people to backup any sudden additional job from any client. Our expert customer handling teams are providing the email correspondence to our clients almost instantly to ensure quality services.

Before our client make any payment, we request them whether it is good time to make a payment now. If they say “yes”, we send them a link to make the payment using their PayPal or any other major credit or debit card.

That is usually don’t happen. Clients are not getting any invoice until their job is done and delivered to their satisfaction. They have nothing to be afraid of regarding the payment and quality.

In the beginning we request our clients to make a registration and go to our uploader to upload the images for few times. After that, they may continue upload their images on the uploader or they use our FTP account which we appreciate for large quantity images.

Otherwise WeTransfer is a sure to upload or receive the images, DropBoxHighTails or other uploading, downloading systems are good to use.

There is no limit to order. Client may order 1 piece to 1000, or more.

We usually handle any size of order 1 hour to 48 hours is the max.

We usually talk to our client regarding time and come to a compromise depending on their time frame.

We work 24 hours / 7 days a week. We even cover the holidays. Every country may have different holiday depending on their country’s approved holidays.

Sure ! You may have a test work done using our Free Trial option. In the Free Trail you have the option to upload 2 images. If you need to test our quality with more than 2 images, the best way would be the Web-Uploader.

There is no limit to size to upload. You may upload unlimited amount of files in our FTP, WeTransfer or any other file transfer system in the market.

Yes sure ! Why not ?. When you get your Free Trial images done, you may ask for the quote depending on the trial images or you may request for a quote depending on the complexity of the image after you upload them.

You may upload any format of images.

  • PSD Format
  • JPEG Format
  • PNG Format
  • EPS Format
  • CRT Format
  • Ai Format
  • PDF Format
  • TIFF Format

Or any other format.

That will depend on your instructions. You may ask for PSD with layers, JPEG, PNG, or any other format you may chose with zip or non-zip.

If you forget to indicate in the instruction, No Worries, we will not forget to remind you to let us know the format you want delivered to.

Yes we may, but not for business purpose, if we like an image to use it for our website, we will ask your permission. If you let us, we will use it.

As far I know our FTP server is pretty safe to upload your images. Since we started our business 4 years ago, no files has been stolen from our FTP server or misappropriated.