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Elevate the visual impact of your clothing line by outsourcing ghost mannequin editing instead of struggling with it on your own.

Removing mannequins from an image is difficult to do effectively while maintaining a professional look.

Using mannequins is a cost-effective solution for creating product images that help customers envision themselves wearing your products. However, removing them from the images requires a meticulous approach. It involves combining multiple photos, adding depth and volume, and ensuring the texture is just right for a convincing final result. These edits can be time-consuming, taking away from the valuable resources you could be dedicating to your business goals.

We offer professional ghost mannequin services with excellent output at a highly competitive price point.

Trust the pros at Clipping Path Source for your ghost mannequin projects.

You can outsource your tricky ghost mannequin projects to our team of experts, starting at just 89¢ per image. Our quick and affordable service can have your ghost mannequin edits completed in as little as 6 hours. By combining your mannequin photography with our detailed edits, we can help make your clothing look perfectly fitted instead of frumpy. Our team expertly edits each ghost mannequin project by hand, bringing your clothing and accessories to life.

Types of Ghost Mannequin Services

3D Ghost Mannequin Effect

When you remove the mannequin from an image, something remarkable happens—the dress no longer appears as a flat, lifeless 2D picture. Instead, it takes on the illusion of a genuine 3D object. This transformation is achieved through the addition of separate joints and elements to the image.

The incorporation of these 3D-like aspects offers several advantages, the most prominent being the enhanced realism they bring to your product photos. Clothing displayed in this manner appears as though it's being worn by an invisible model. This effect is incredibly eye-catching and engages potential customers in a way that flat product images simply cannot.

Clipping Path Source is a leading provider of high-quality Ghost Mannequin services for the fashion and apparel industry. A ghost mannequin is a technique used in product photography that allows you to showcase a garment or clothing item in a way that gives customers a clear view of the product without the distraction of a physical mannequin or model.

Neck Joint Manipulation

Our comprehensive invisible mannequin service encompasses the essential neck joint service, expertly executed by our proficient Photoshop professionals. This technique is applied after removing the mannequin or model from your product image, specifically focusing on the back neck portion, often including the brand tag. The primary purpose is to create a seamless, realistic, and appealing 3D effect for your clothing items. This effect not only enhances the overall presentation of your products but also contributes to a more engaging and captivating visual experience for potential customers.

Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin

When capturing an image of a dress with a mannequin, the rear portion of the dress is typically concealed behind the mannequin. To unveil the obscured back part when removing the mannequin, it is imperative to reintegrate the segment of the dress that was covered by the mannequin.

Our bottom joint service involves precisely adding the lower part of a dress that should be perceptible when the dress is presented without the mannequin. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results over the years, Clipping Path Services has consistently met the expectations and demands of numerous satisfied clients.


Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

The sleeves joint, an integral component of our invisible mannequin service, plays a vital role in enhancing the overall visual appeal of your clothing images. This service involves the precise addition of sleeves from another image, rectifying any discrepancies in positioning or alignment.

At Clipping Path Source, we understand that there are instances where images may feature sleeves, but their placement or orientation is not optimal. Our sleeves joint service addresses these issues, ensuring that the sleeves are seamlessly integrated to create a realistic and visually pleasing effect.


Mastering the Art of Ghost Mannequin: Our Top Projects

Ghost mannequin services refer to the process of removing the mannequin or model from a clothing photograph to create a clean and professional look for e-commerce and fashion websites. The process involves combining multiple images of the same clothing item, taken from different angles, to create a seamless and realistic-looking final image.


Our expert photo editing services can make your apparel and clothes look cleaner and more appealing, helping to generate more sales. Let us take care of the headache of photo editing, while you fall in love with your work.

Ghost mannequin

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