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Professional Photo Retouch

Make the image more clean and appealing and generate more sales.

Image retouching is a way to make any image look enhanced and attractive using photoshop airbrushing, retouching, and other related tools. It is very expensive to shoot an image or have already shot, but even the most professionally shotted photo might have some imperfections that need retouching.

Why Clipping Path Source?


Our price is affordable. We have lots of top notch Photoshop Professionals to deliver the images with the highest possible quality. So how much images you may have is nothing matter to us.


We are very conscious of your valuable time. We help our customers to meet their tight deadlines and keep the flow of their business seamlessly.


We do maintain the high quality and clean clipping path for each and every image otherwise it may results in down your reputation and business brand.

Our Perfect Retouching

How it works

Quote request

Request for a quote using a simple form and get the quotation within 20-30 minutes.

Moving forward

Give us a thumbs up to start working with your project.

Done images

Get the done images within your sheduled time!

For magazine layout you may want to add glow or warmth to an image, restore details on skin or texture to a photo that was looking imprecise or badly lit, add natural vibrant/color to an outdoor landscape, or add new effects on an indoor shotted photo. We the Clipping Path Source have all kinds of arrangements (expertise, setup, etc.) to take care of your retouching needs with any complexity quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

When to use retouching tools:

Blu-Tack removal

At the time of taking any product shots, blu-tack, pedestals,  strings with hooks, and stands/hinges are used with products to keep the product stable and right position for lighting and camera. We do remove the blu-tack and other obstacles keeping the shadow and product details in it.

Beauty airbrushing

After shooting the beauty photography, you may need to beautify the model, accessories, cloths, and the environment.

Blemish retouching

On the product photo, you will find kind of small scratches, dusts, blemishes or other errors. Sometimes it doesn’t bother much, but if it bothers, then you might need the dust, spots, scratches removed precisely.

Other considerations

We do remove any imperfections from any object or surface to ensure the images are edited properly and faultlessly in every way. A model's skin might need airbrushing, the teeth would need to be whiter than white, the background may need to be cleaned and spotted, and most importantly the whole image should have a natural look. Doing the excessive photoshop treatment may result in removing the texture on the surface and may look a bit unnatural. Our photoshop experts and vast knowledge and experience in this regard.

How we do retouch an image

Clipping Path Source has been serving photoshopping services to hundreds of companies and agencies around the world - to make the image usable and look attractive to increase sales- removing the spots, and blemishes, enhancing the natural look, color, and other stuff around the model, object, etc.

Our dedicated and professional graphic designers work all the time (day or night) to support the customers, and we do provide any quote within 30 minutes. So you don’t need to worry about the turnaround time.

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