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  • Who Clipping Path Source (CPS) is?

Clipping Path Source (CPS) is a graphics Design Company based in BANGLADESH.  We provide manual and hand-made clipping path, photo masking and lots of Photoshop co-related all services all around the world through the latest version of Photoshop software. We have several well skilled & dedicated teams, as well as we also have many years of understanding into these field.

Most of our honorable customers are all professional photographers, having big photo-studios, having bulk online selling shops, delivering the diverse services as they want for their photo editing like - clipping path service / background knock-out, image / object /face retouching, raster to vector conversion as well as drop shadow / natural shadow, etc. We the (CPS) work round the clock to maintain schedule time/given time for our clients, so CPS is known all over the world as a most dedicated outsource firm for many obvious reasons. We may make unwanted mistakes, but they are never intentional.


  • Where Clipping Path Source (CPS) is?

Clipping path source (CPS) is close to India at Bangladesh where Institute of Graphic Arts is located, and Dr.R.K.Molla is the founder of this institute. He is my eldest brother. Thousands of students are graduating every year in this field from this institute. This is the most advantage we have in this country. Certainly our price is much reasonable comparing to some of the countries in the world.



Owner of this company is very hard working and most dedicated, studied, lived and ran a business in USA for about 20 years.

He taught furniture re-upholstery through federal government for 2 years. Lived in USA at Montgomery Charleston (WV.).

There successfully ran a business which made him even more efficient. Our target is to provide the highest possible quality image treatment service, to maintain this level of quality we had to gather the finest designers around us to ensure the best and professional performance.

We have the dedicated team of about 100 people; our clients are so close to us is beyond some peoples imagination.

We usually deal our customers little differently, when they ask for a quotation or get a free trial work done, we ask them to make an offer, when they give us a low offer we try to convince them expressing our quality to them. Sometime this technique doesn't work, when things get this way we, we ask them to send some real work and try y to convince them showing our quality, if that fails we just simply don't do business with them.

This is us and that's how we are providing our services all around the world, clients are happy, we are happy and we really enjoy this business, we are doing business with the world.

There are names of our clients can't even pronounce. We understand their feeling and they do ours.


I have come cross some fine people we have been dealing with for a long time. sometime we exchange our cultural views, they ask for pictures of our country side and ask us about our lifestyle and so on.

Some of our customers are so close we feel like they are one of us, we send them our family portraits, they send their's, we know how they loo like, how they dress even what kind of food they eat and they know many things about ours.

its a lot of fun making money the way we do, very few bad people, we try to detect and avoid them, still it's a lot of fun.

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