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Who Clipping Path Source (CPS) is?

Clipping Path Source (CPS) is an online-based offshore graphics Design Company provides clipping path, photo masking and lots of Photoshop correlated all services all around the world. A very skilled & dedicated team, as well as we also have years of understanding in to these area and the most of our experts are cultured from the reputable Institute of Graphic Arts, the finest institute on creative graphics design in Bangladesh.

Clipping Path Source (CPS) are closely working with the photographers, photo-studios, magazine agencies, delivering the diverse services as they want for their photo editing like - clipping path, image retouching, R2V conversion as well as drop shadow. Clipping Path Source (CPS) is working round the clock to maintain schedule time for our clients, so CPS clients from all over the world feels, we are from a most dedicated environment for many obvious reasons. We make mistakes, but they are never intentional.

Where Clipping Path Source (CPS) is?

Clipping path source (CPS) is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. where Institute of Graphic Arts is located. Hundreds of students are graduating every year in this field. This is the biggest advantage we have in this country. Definitely our cost is much cheaper, compare to some of the countries in the world.



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