Tutorial on

raster to vector conversion

There are many methods of photo raster to vector photo tutorial into Photoshop. Let’s give some explanation to you.

  • At first, choose a raster image what you envision would be supreme example for this raster to vector photo tutorial or now save the photograph into your PC I utilized under for these tutorial principle and put it in your Illustrator chart.
  • Push “P” into your keyboard or select “Pen Tool” from the tool box modestly to choose it.
  • Enter to the color palette= choose red color and next select stroke weight along with 0.25 pt – 0.50 pt.
  • Push on the margin of the picture and go to mouse forward slightly, and then enter the mouse. Following a distinctive distance, click once more on the margin of the picture and go on the comparable mode until you get to the end. Previously you have arrived to the opening situation; “O” character will come into observation. Currently push on it to close the path.
  • Previously you have completed path, click “Shift+X” in the keyboard or would do through desertion color palette in position to shift stroke color to fill color.
  • At the moment you are satisfied through the form, remove the unique picture and place the color you want to relate. You might need practicing for only a few days’ sketch path using pen/path tool so as to draw exact formed path.

To the best of my knowledge, the given tutorial will help you to learn creating drop shadow.