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Clipping Path Source (CPS) – Your actual Outsourcing associate of Clipping Path, Photo Masking, Image Retouching, Clipping Path Service, Image Restoration and Other associated services! We are an exceptional group of really accomplished, experienced and focused Graphic Designers who are very well known to Clipping Path & Photo Masking and possess outstanding material knowledge, ability and experience of many years in these areas. Due to these motivated & devoted specialists, We proposes excellent services all around the world through Web-Based outsource correct into your position of work. It offers best 24/7/365 customer-support in USA, Canada, UK and Europe at a very reasonable cost. We are greatly committed to providing the most outstanding services in Clipping Path, Photo MaskingClipping Mask. It has the best apparatus to hit the background, cut off the photos or images and make additional changes to fulfill all of your stretchy needs.

Your satisfaction our gsatisfactionuarantee!
We will give you a refund for the full or partial price of any service below your satisfactory level provided by us in accordance with the terms of this refund policy.

Why chose Clipping Path Source

  • 4/7/365 days of team Work program
  • Huge amount of image or photo processing facility each day
  • Flexible & trouble-free ordering process, allowing download & upload files
  • All sorts of photo action service available
  • 24 hours web chat and email maintain
  • Quote supplies in less than an hour
  • Triple checkered excellence management system
  • Full satisfaction warranty
  • Fast turnaround
  • Lowest cost guarantee
  • No need to pay initial, Pay us after your project is finished

Services we offer

  • Clipping Path
  • Image Retouching
  • Image Masking
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Photo Editing
  • Photo Stitching
  • Image Enhancement
  • Create Shadow
  • Raster to Vector Image
  • Website image optimization
  • Image re-sizing
  • We also offer other services like cropping re-sizing & re-arranging.

Let's start with Clipping Path Source

If you wish for excellent photo editing at a smooth rate, we can promise you that you are currently in the right place. Do you doubt that? Ok, in that case no problem; just send a photo for judging our excellent service. You will definitely pay us for our high-quality work. Just click here to start with us. Key Note: Please don’t converse depending on this cost because that it’s only a rough estimate and you might get superior cost than this. We provide all quotes in less than an hour, so we advise you to fill our request for a quote and make a choice charging by yourself.


If you wish for excellent photo editing at a smooth rate, we can promise you that you are currently in the right place. Do you doubt that? Ok, in that case no problem; just send a photo for judging our excellent service. >Try Us! Are you looking for an outsource business which can provide all of your photo retouching, clipping path service, image masking service, photo manipulation, image Enhancement, image shading service, Photo Editing, Raster to Vector Image,Image Stitching & so on at flexible charges in short turnaround time? If the reply is yes, then we is your ideal solution. It isn't a subject that what photo management services you desire- small or large, whatever amount and economic plan you have, we will undoubtedly grip all of the tasks & make your life problem-free!

CPS is addressed to the USA, Canada and UK via their product site. Since we are positioned in Bangladesh, it allows us to make use of a group with very capable graphics experts working at the lowest price than others. cont_homeBy taking that greatest advantage of low labor charge region, we are capable of providing much lower cost than our associated field challengers and at the same time preserving the excellent quality service & work. Our region of capability initiates as of Clipping Path Source, to several other photo management services like photo masking, image retouching, vector conversion & drop shadow.

Lots of our clients are companies & individuals who require different sorts of photo management services like clipping path. Clipping Path Source is closely working with directory companies, photography studios, photographers, advertising agencies, magazine companies, graphic design, printing press & web development companies.

Price for the service of clipping path service begins only from $0.49 USD. The initial costing is here for the service of clipping path via diverse difficulty stage examples.Clipping Path Source quotes all supplementary services on analysis of the images. Visit more about pricing.Wish for immediate Accept A Quote? Done! Just Click Here

We provide all quotes in an hour & we expect it can be 15-25 minutes on your door. So why don’t you start instantly? Just fill up the application quote form & then upload the images or photos. We would get to your file almost immediately. Just click here to ask for a quote.

What is the turnaround period of yours?
Well, turnaround time depends completely on the size of image & its difficulty level. Usually, we send back the images within 1 to 24 hours. So you can easily envisage obtaining 500 to 600 images (average difficulty) in 24 hours. For example, if you give 50 images, you have to wait 6 to 12 hours to find them back. But if it is only 5, 10 or 20 photos, we can send them in an hour.

Clipping Path Source allows fee through PayPal. You can easily pay us through PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express & Solo or Direct. If you want, you can transfer our fee into the company's bank account of Canada. For Canada customers, a cheque may be sent to our Canada office. Read additional frequently asked questions; you possibly will find all you wanted to know.

Number of client is increasing day by day. Be one of them !

Jason SmithItalian Photographer
Great job once again. High-quality work, very fast turnaround, exceptional communication with customers. Thanks for your great service, which we are now using not only for our business, but also for family photos!
Santoni M.Australian Photographer
Hi Ra, to me you are a serious professional. I made you do same job over and over again three times for my own mistakes. You didn't say nothing, you just kept on going. I'll compensate for all the extra work you have done. Thank you very much.
Kelly S.Ca. Photographer
Hello Ra, that's imaging, how did you do all the work so quickly without loosing quality ! You must have a big battalion working together. Please take care of the other images I already have uploaded. You don't have to rush on those.