How to join

How to become a sales agent or join our affiliate program?

It might not be easier! We have efficient our whole marketing procedure to make sure simplicity of utilize. No matter what partnership choice you like to unite, you just fill up one particular form. At the same time as filling the forms, decide which alternative you like to connect (Affiliate Program / Individual Sales Agent / Sales Agency). That signifies what option you prefer, you’ve your exclusive affiliate link that you can utilize into your site.

How it works:

  • Just sign up in our site.
  • When fill up the forms, decide which option you would prefer to link.
  • Just the once we accept your request, will analysis, admit and turn on your account as soon as we can.
  • Sign in to your affiliate plan through the login name and password you enter during the process.
  • Wait little minutes to observe over your affiliate c-panel to be a small piece well-known with it. Pick up your exceptional web link through selecting a text / photo banner.
  • Set that banner in your site and suggest to your colleagues and friends.

If you like to be an individual sales agent:

  • Just sign up in our site.
  • We provide you a single sales suggestion number.
  • You talk to your colleagues, friends and also others and suggest Graphics Experts as their off shoring associate for photo editing services. You also let them be familiar with your sales suggestion number and request to place when they sign in on our site. You also can let us identify about any customer that you believe possibly going to sign up or contact us.
  • We do the whole thing for your customer and can offer your individual price.
  • And you will get 10% commission from all sales recommended by you up to two years and get payment monthly.

If you like to be a sales agency:

  • We will provide you a structure agreement price based on the level of image; you make a decision your price into your client.
  • You can upload and download images directly from Clipping Path Solution (CPS) server or from your own server.
  • All transactions and communications are complete among you and Graphics Experts.

NB: If you want to utilize our web FTP to for just receive and send images, you require sign up in our site client registration sector. The account opening procedure is robotic as a result you can begin uploading your photos into fewer than just 2 minutes.