Individual sales agent

Being a person sales agent at Clipping Path Source (CPS) is an unbelievably excellent viewpoint for you when you’re related to this kind of business network Similar photographers, web design and development, advertising companies or catalog agency who require image editing services similar image masking, clipping path and so on.

How it works?

  • Only sign up in our site
  • We supply you an individual sales proposal number
  • You consult your fellows, friends and too others and suggest Clipping Path Source (CPS) when their off shoring fellow for image deleting services. You as well let them be well-known with your sales submission number and call for to place while they signing in on our website. You as well may let us make out about every client that you think possibly attending contact us or sign up.
  • We do the all thing for your client and may offer your single price.
  • And you’ll get 15% mission from every sales advocated by you adequate to 2 years and acquire payment monthly.

Your benefit when a single sales agent:

  • Build your single design
  • No more financial guess
  • With not very much attempt you’d have a very profitable instant income.

No get on your nerves to your field. You only assist creating connection among the client and us. We’ll do the all thing also and you’ll get price monthly.

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