Affiliate program

Making cash with Clipping Path affiliate program is easy. We entire the job, you receive money. We supply high-quality job – on every types of picture editing services similar- clipping path, image masking, and image manipulation, photo retouching and different services at logical price with expected time release. We do the all things – get in handle with the customer, passing the pictures throughout highly skillful, upload and download, customer fulfillment confidence, and you’ll rewarded by only referring a customer to us.

How It Works?

It could not be simpler! We’ve updated our completely affiliate system making sure the effortlessness of apply, while still preserving real precise tracking methods.

The method of affiliate program:

  • Customer clicks on an e-mail or in an affiliate connection on your web site
  • The customers IP is got into and a textual topic is placed into their web browser for the proposes of path
  • The customers browses our web site, and could make a decision placing an order
  • When the customers place an order, so the order would be programmed since a transaction of you and you’ll receive commission towards those sales.

This is the method of affiliate program! You have us customers, we give you currency!

Program Details:

You’ll get 15% commission from every sales advocated by you adequate to 2 years.

Second level commission is 5%.

(You’ll get second level payment all the way through to refer any more than affiliates uniting our affiliate plan. Similar affiliates will be your vice- affiliates and you may create 5% charge into their sales.)

Other Circumstances

You as well can get payment in your single suborder. Only Sign up into our affiliate program, and home an order by your single affiliate link. So you’ll receive committees up to 2 years.